Another day

Another lesson

Lesson of the loneliness

Bringing the colors

of my sadness

watching the sky

far away from being in pain

Painful love

How hopeful is my desire

I want more even I feel


Close to the watchers

bringing my fire

I've got the pain

into my skin


What I discovered is new for me

I've been a toy

a toy of love

Priceless agony of my feelings


However I've been into my mind


I want to be out


Clean inside


I want to feel the beauty of my desire




How crispy is my wound

Feeling the beauty of the new world

How can I be one more


I want to feel beauty and softness

New world is coming but I feel a sadness

into me my memories


How can I be one more



What can I see watching the sky

What can I feel being inside

In me



New world is coming being prepared for my solution

I want to feel

I want to see

But how can I forget

I will never forget

I will never forget


I've been a toy


November 12, 2018