Could you be quiet for a while

This time just try to be a child

Open your mind for this story

let me show U how to realize


So far from all of your big scares

Deep inside safe and quiet place

Where you can be just a little

like a blameless valuable kind of freak

Far from emotions


Deep inside you're still like a little child

Crying, wanting, wondering above

Way you fell is no far from your mind

Let it happen, help your satisfied


I didn't know what it's like

behind memories out of time

Look in the mirror and I know who I am and what I am waiting for


My reality, no big deal

My dreams no far from daily real

Full of red and violet like stars in the sky above your head

Dream Inquisition


This sky above shows you the story now about dream inquisition

Take this, hold it, you could be free now; can you see

far from emotions

Baby you are someone special

exceptional like hocus pocus

Take your dream and put it inside your soul

your wish will come true


January 1, 2014