I died

I don't know what my body gonna do

You wake me up

you've been inside


into the crust

ceremony of the day


You provide me all the time

there's no need to think

thoughts in my mind like a pain in the wound

you provide me and

I don't feel anything


I've just been into the crust and I don't know

what me gonna do

Yes, I've been into the puppet world

Everything is clear

I've been one of the shapes

You let me play

play with me

having good time

watching what we can create

I've been a toy

It's simple




Where you provide me

I've been just into the crust

You wake me up

providing my body

Where will we go

Please let me know

before you start


Into the light moving is clear

You wake me up providing my body

and I don't know

what we will do

I don't know

I've been into the memories

watching the while

another while

into the pleasure


August 5, 2018