I need a beautiful mirror

I need a beautiful man


I want to have fun

I want entertainment


Everything around me is dead

Everything in me is a plum


Come and eat me

as you want me

as you need me

Because I know what is real

because I know what is pain


I have a recipe to bake

bake the food

Fooddy for your inside

Come to me and eat me all

I want to be forever in me

I guess you'll come because you are hungry

how much you are hungry of me


Make me your baker

eat me all

Make me your caker

eat me all


Bake with me the new world

make with me the new world


without the loneliness

without the emptiness

without the pain


Bake me

make me new

Cake me

Make me your food


I want to be eaten by you

I want to feel the smelly of wood

November 20, 2017