Nothing new for me

being alone another night


I know them all

I saw them

they know

they made me



When my body was empty

I was dying

you brought me back

I didn't want


How ugly is that world


Another lonely night

nothing new for me

I must know that

stop think, just work

do what is needed

to be in the light

How can I provide my people

when I feel like a toy

a mannequin in a plastic world

when everything around me

is so easy to see


How can I provide my people

when whole that world is a ruin


Out of my senses I can be above

when I am clean I can live

another day in big calm


Now, when I know

what is real

I am so clean

I found the reality forever in me

Can you see me now


How good is big wisdom


Provide me out of my senses

Hopeful like an angel

Another waterfall in my mind


How good is big wisdom


How lovely is big kingdom




Wherever I'll be, we will find my me

Another cloud is a pain

bringing the joyful wishes

for the emptiness then sadness


Creator bring me one more move

for another lovely joy


August 22, 2018