I am just a puppet

and I am playing my role

no one really knows me

if you think you do you're fool

I am just a puppet

because I want to be a tool

my God made me an actress

so I am playing my role

Nobody sees nobody hears

Nobody wanted help me


This is only your rebellion

this is only rebel yell

welcome to the hell


you are someone

stand up to fight

you can find your power inside

be careful rats are everywhere

kneel down and pray

you are in hell

I wanna be in love


Just take the chance and play your role

Just take this chance don't be a fool

put your hands up and dare to live

open your heart open your mind


and I am new

seeing much of things

which I didn't know

children are everywhere

and I am the one of few persons

who really don't have anybody to talk with


you don't know me

now you find me in my dream

need another more than me

take your red and go away

take this dream and give it them

sky is falling down

sky is falling down


June 23, 2014