Simple way to the heaven

waiting for the sun

Waiting for my midnight

I've been into the past

even I've been in my future


Wonder about the new reality

wonder about the day


Want to be a fame

want to be a fame

Femme of the land

My whisper

When you touch me I feel

I can do anything

You are my baby

you are my baby

I want to feel me

I want to feel me

When will I be the

Where is my calm


I can't find I can't find my toy



Everything is blur

make me real

I want to know for what

have I been

Wake me up


This while of time is mine

this while of time is mine

I learn


How much can I learn

I learn quick

I learn quick

I want to know what have I been

I've been a toy

my little light is into the body

body is weak

without my ghost


My body is weak

without my ghost

I've been a toy


My memorial


For ever into the trial

Could you be more in me

Could you be more with me

Where were we


Where will we go


Far from the agony

like the new way

with my fire place


How can I be with my pain without the temptation

Man, I've been into memorial

You know me

I'm real into the pleasure


December 1, 2018