Watching the stars up above

circle of the night and blood

a little monster and the swine


I am in the cover


princess in the gold

a Cinderella


moon light is above the city

like a insomnia around the web


wisdom of the New York City


I know

what do you mean


I know


cool night


moon light around my dress

I am in

in the cover

a princess Incognito


let's dance


by the moonlight

with me


I am in

I am in

whisper of you

this night is red of your blood


I will lick your mouth



I am a princess Incognito


walk with me around the midnight

sky above is for us


we can dance

all the night


shining stars around your mind


a little girl innocent and shy

in the white in the light of the moon

watching you and dreaming


dreaming of the touch

of the kiss

of the walking around the midnight

silver mountains


I will wear the red

a color of your blood

a color of my mouth

a color of the love


and the gold on my head

let's dance


with me


soap opera died


very first time

very first time

with me


that maiden is for you


silver mountains




shining morning




silver mountains

pale skin


white morning

June 17, 2019