What I gave you I lost

I am getting back

way through the pain


I am becoming my self


I forgot how good

fresh air

in my soul

land of the poems


I was giving you a half of me


you are ready

I am getting back


I forgot how good

to be me

I forgot how good

to be me


I am getting back


we are ready to go


there was a skin

diaries and the demons


painful adventure

my journey through the dark

I was the first

I've been the one

living light to share

I found a sanctuary a man

to become the one body

love was to the pain


world is for me


what a gift to be overprotected

by the word


I can share what I've got


I will

I will share with whole the world

lights around the globe

lights in everywhere


creator of the world is

at the moment when you recognize

your thoughts are not yours

stop feel your thoughts

stop belong to the thoughts


I was working all my life

I wanted to have a pretty life


every stinky day I've been dreaming

of a sunrise

I didn't deserve even for the sun

I just wanted to have a pretty life

I was working

I was working

I was working


all the time


I didn't deserve even for the sun


as long as I remember

lazy people around me

make me an idiot

they are useless


what can I do


I can make my self happy watching them

but I have enough

yes, I can make a choco using a shit


who gave you your name

who gave you your words

you numb swine


you can't control yourself

rapture is so sweet


emotions make the world

Victim of the enemy

quiet space

beginning of the predictable

and necessary burden


responsible for the rest

like a slice of my influence


invisible for you


June 21, 2019