Words are passing by

through my head

I have a slideshow in my mind

with the feelings inside

and around my skin

it's a circus

I don't want to have this

I don't want to feel


My mannequin is crying

and I don't want to be inside


Make me grater

Please, let me be above

I can't disappear

Another while another dying

I don't need this anymore

Forever with me

creating the love

How can I be above

Please, tell me why

For what was that suffer

for what were her tears

for what was that pain


Too much for a little

What is happening when everything around is dying

Hope forever is a fire

burning, but it brings the pain

Another pain and another reason to feel

the emptiness inside


Better to be nothing than the one of them

forever in kindness


Like a dove

I hope, I wish forever be a bun

When I don't understand I feel guilty and bad

I've been bad

But for what


Honey, my baby

I think you wish to be a star


Red color on the curtains

In my mirror I can see what I created

what I've built many years

I've got a courage

but I still can't get any description

for what have I been


In the sea of my mountains

I low down my mountains


July 24, 2018